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Bathroom Remodeling & Home Renovations in Ames, IA

There comes a point in time when every household starts to feel outdated, damaged, too small or just not fitting for your lifestyle but you may not necessarily want to give up your home. Even rooms we tend to forget about, like bathrooms, make a big difference, that's why at Central Iowa Home Renovations, we offer professional bathroom remodeling services to upgrade your dated bathroom and bring your dream home to life.

Even though remodeling your bathrooms can be quite exciting, it can also be a painstaking process for homeowners. There are many things that property owners must consider before the remodeling project begins like the ideal design, adding on space, the total budget and any questions for the remodelers.

At Central Iowa Home Renovations, we know just where to begin and we have been helping property owners get through the remodeling process quickly and as stress-free as possible. We offer high-quality remodeling services and products to fit just about any budget and we always pay close attention to detail so the homeowner is always satisfied with the outcome. We are dedicated to helping homeowners bring their bathrooms to life and give them the design they're going for whether it's modern, minimalistic or even designed to feel like a luxurious spa.

Bathroom Renovations, Upgrades & Installations Offered

We can remodel specific parts of your bathroom or the entire bathroom from the ground up. Depending on what you want, we can provide you any of the following options, services and products.

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  • Bathroom Remodeling - Install new fixtures, convert a tub to a shower or install new vanities, we’ll make your bathroom easier to use, easier to clean and maintain, and more beautiful.
  • Bathroom Conversions - Convert a bathtub to a walk-in shower.
  • Bathroom Design Ideas - Whether you want install a new shower as part of a larger bathroom remodel or simply want to upgrade the one you have, we'll customize a shower design and installation plan for you.
  • Bathroom Design Studio Custom design every part of your bathroom including tub or shower design, wall and surrounding wall colors, door, curtain rods, fixtures, grab bars and accessories.
  • Bathtub Shower Surrounds - Wall surroundings that can be installed over existing tub or shower stall walls, guaranteeing a perfect fit!
  • Shower Enclosures - We can install walk-in showers that are glass enclosed, accessible or custom made to meet your needs.
  • Kitchen Restyling - Coming Soon!

If you're interested in getting bathroom renovations in your home in Ames, IA or surrounding areas, please contact Central Iowa Home Renovations today at 515-320-8985!

Estimate Requests from Ames
Lesley B. on April 24, 2019 3:11:45pm
Hi, I forgot to ask when I talked with Scott on the phone (to schedule an estimate): would you give me a ballpark estimate of what most people spend on their full bath renovations with you? Maybe you could give me a range? Thank you!
Robin S. on January 7, 2019 12:39:12pm
need estimate for shower/tub and floor replacement
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