Bathroom Remodeling & Conversions in Ankeny, IA

While remodeling your bathroom, there are many things that property owners must consider before the remodeling project begins like the ideal design, adding on space, the total budget, or any questions for the remodelers.

At Central Iowa Home Renovations, we have been helping property owners get through the remodeling process quickly and as stress-free as possible. We offer high-quality remodeling services and products to fit just about any budget and we always pay close attention to detail so the homeowner is always satisfied with the outcome. We are dedicated to helping homeowners bring their bathrooms to life and give them the design they're going for, whether modern, minimalistic, or even designed to feel like a luxurious spa.

Renovations, Upgrades & Installations We Offer

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Install new fixtures, convert a tub to a shower or install new vanities, we’ll make your bathroom easier to use, easier to clean and maintain, and more beautiful.

Bathtub & Shower Surrounds

Bathtub & Shower Surrounds

Wall surroundings that can be installed over existing tub or shower stall walls, guaranteeing a perfect fit!

Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures

We can install walk-in showers that are glass enclosed, accessible or custom made to meet your needs.

Enhance and reimagine your bathroom environment with our expertise. Our specialists stay with you from start to finish, ensuring proper design implementations and answering any questions you may have. Looking to redesign how bathroom or tub? Contact Central Iowa Home Renovations today at 515-320-8985

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Upgrade Your Bathroom! 

Whether you want to install new fixtures, convert a tub to a shower, install new bathroom vanities, or bring any other bathroom design idea to life, we can help. At Central Iowa Home Renovations, we’ll make your bathroom easier to use and easier to clean, maintain, and create a more beautiful overall atmosphere.

Bathtub to Walk-in Shower Conversion is Easier Than You Think

Many homeowners prefer a shower instead of a bathtub, and for good reason. While many newer homes are built with showers instead of (or in addition to) bathtubs, older homes often have bathrooms with tubs that double as showers. Since most people take more showers than baths, there’s no need for bathtubs in every bathroom in your home.

For this exact reason, Central Iowa Home Renovations offers cost-effective bathtub-to-shower conversions, that fit your preferences. The tub to shower conversion process is handled professionally by our team and is efficient because it will: 

  • Create more space
  • Use existing plumbing
  • Improve functionality & accessibility
  • Provide an affordable alternative to a full-bathroom remodel
Customer Reviews from Ankeny
Marissa H from Ankeny, IA
4.5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Oct 2nd, 2018
Isaac was very friendly and professional. He was great at trouble shooting and everything looked good at the end.
Teri J from Ankeny, IA
4 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Jan 8th, 2018
Everyone we dealt with,start to finish, was professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. Chet did an especially good job with the tear out and install of the tub/shower unit. The end product is just what we were looking for and our daughter is thrilled to have a “new” bathroom!
Randall A from Ankeny, IA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Home Advisor
Dec 14th, 2017
Completed Jobs from Ankeny
Bath Wraps Tub and Surround Bathroom Update in Ankeny
May 23, 2018
Our product line is non-porous which means soap scum and water reside can't adhere to it. By removing the tile that was here, we were able to start over with the best materials available. We torn out all the old tile and replaced the tub with a new one. We then installed a showerhead, converting this bathroom from a three quarters to a full.

Happy Customers in Des Moines, IA

“Excellent work, good customer service. Done efficiently and with great care. Would use them again for future jobs.”

Nathan J., Des Moines, IA

“We really love the professional job that our installer did. He took a 70 year old bathroom and made it into a beautiful room complete with shower, and all the bells and whistles to go with!”

Kathy S., Adair, IA

“You have a fantastic ten star installer, Mike Dunkelberger!! So glad he did our tear out and installation!! From start to the finish and clean-up he out did our expectations.”

Pat S, Champlin, MN